Kinu Sekigushi

Kinu Sekigushi is a french gay artist. He began drawing after being graduated in visual expression and communication images. His first drawings already showed beautiful young men, very natural in their homosexuality. He started his career in the world of manga in 1997 and showed his passion for graphism and edition through several exhibitions in Toulon, Paris, Lyon, Milano and Köln. Although Kinu puts this manga culture forward, he has created his own style, reflecting several influences, including the American comics. His high graphic quality, but also the sensibility and originality of his works, were unanimously acknowledged by the audience and the media.
Kinu Sekigushi es un jóven artista gráfico francés. Comenzó en el mundo del manga en 1997 y su pasión por el diseño gráfico quedó patente en numerosas exposiciones a lo largo de Europa. A partir del manga ha creado su propio estilo con numerosas influencias, entre ellas del comic americano. Actualmente es un artista reconocido por la originalidad y la sensualidad de su obra.

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